J.W. Diehl

J.W. Diehl has been making fine art photographs for 35 years. Originally from the East Coast, he moved to San Francisco in 1985 seeking oddball ideas and people. In his art photography, he looks for beauty in classic shapes and compelling textures, and considers it a personal victory if the viewer is both disturbed and tickled at the same moment. His doll series especially has elicited both repulsion and a peculiar attraction from visitors of all persuasions.

Over the years, he has been drawn to an eclectic array of subjects, including nudes, still life, nature and architecture, and has shown in galleries across the country. Surrealism often influences his approach to his subjects, and while he at first worked principally in black and white, he has delved into color in recent years. He owns a small commercial photography business and lives in San Francisco with his his lover, the poet Kendra Tanacea (kendratanacea.com)